Summer in New York

I want to apologize for being away for so long. As I mentioned in previous posts, I went to New York for two months to work at a summer camp as a general counselor. It was truly one of the best summers of my life. Before camp I stayed in the city for a couple of days, there I met 2 people who ended up being 2 of my best friends from camp and I believe that our friendship will last for a very long time. I was a general counselor to 28 amazing 8 and 9 year olds. During staff week, they told us that it was going to be the best summer of our lives, that we would grow closer to people in 2 months than to people we’ve known for years. I didn’t believe any of it and 2 months later, here I am, back home, missing those 28 little girls and my co counselors like crazy! It’s an amazing experience and if you haven’t lived it, I don’t think you can ever understand how fulfilling it is. I remember my boss telling us during the first couple of days “This is the hardest and most amazing job you’ll ever have”…She was completely right. In fact, she was so right that I’m just counting the days to be back! 

Here are some pictures of one of the best summers I could’ve asked for! 


I miss this view everyday.

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New York Kind of Summer: The Hamptons Style

The Hamptons are a group of exclusive seaside villages in the state of New York in Long Island, this is where New Yorkers get a break from the city and go to vacation in the summer. If you’ve seen tv shows such as Gossip Girl and Revenge, you know how exclusive The Hamptons are, and how fashionable people that go there are.

These are some outfits you could wear over the summer whether you go to the Hamptons or to another beach. Always dress to impress, no matter where you go!



Maxidress from Topshop, Bag from Tory Burch, Glasses from Asos, Wedges from

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New York kind of Summer

First of all, let me apologize because I haven’t been around much in the last month. The thing is, school was really kicking my butt. I had lots of projects, homework, finals, etc. I’m finally on vacation for the summer now! 

This summer I will be spending 2 months in the state of New York working as a camp exciting is that? I’m really really excited!!! I wish I could spend the 2 months in the city, shopping and living an Upper-East-Side-kind-of-life… but oh well… 

As a camp counselor I won’t be able to wear very fashionable clothes, but anyway I will do my best to stay cute…I will be posting a series of New York kind of summer posts, including the one as a camp counselor! I hope you enjoy! 

Day to Night Outfits

Do you ever wonder how some girls have an infinite closet? No matter where they go they always wear something different and you never see them twice in the same outfit? Yup, we all have. We all think “I wish I had that girl’s closet, I don’t have anything to wear…” well, sure you do! You only have to mix and match better! Only insanely rich people have so many clothes they never have to wear the same thing twice.. and to be honest, it’d be kinda lame and impossible to not wear something more than one time… I mean, you get attached to clothes and want to wear some items more than others…

Here are some outfits you can wear in the day time and transform them to wear them at night too!

outfit ideas



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The Best Hair Mask Ever

I decided to write something a bit different, this time beauty related. I tried this hair mask a couple of days ago and let me tell you: it works wonders!!! You will feel as though you had washed your hair in the clouds! It will be so soft you won’t believe it, shinnier and healthier!

You will need:
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5 Outfits to Wear to Coachella

or any other music festival for that matter…

Music festivals are places where people really go over the top with their outfits. Most people tend to wear something hippie or bohemian. Others go for rock band t-shirts, others just do everything all at once..and of course there are also lots of things we wish would’ve stayed at home.

Anyway, if you’re attending Coachella or another music festival any time soon, here are some outfits for you to get some inspiration! Remember: it’s all about having fun!


Shorts from Topshop, Top from Forever 21, Boots from Wet Seal, Bag from Zara, Glasses from Forever 21, Flower Crown from New Look

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Hanna Marin: Steal her Style!

Another Pretty Little Liars Post!

Hanna is, I think, my favorite fashionista in Pretty Little Liars. Her style is very similar to mine and I love what she wears! She always looks girly but with kind of a twist. She tries new things, experiments with textures and colors, etc. She always wears basics and makes a really simple look stand out with the accesories. Accesories and key pieces are a must to achieve Hanna’s style! Here are some outfit ideas for you to dress like her! Hope you like them!

hanna marin style

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